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Plants, People and Climate Change

 A journey of climate change education through the world of plants!

 The Plants, People and Climate Change resource  provides teachers with easy-to-use activites, animated videos, and student worksheets that explore climate change science, personal reflection and storytelling through the tangible lens of plants, soil, gardens and natural habitats. 

Connecting your garden to curriculum

Gardens need to integrate into the teaching and learning of your curriculum! Check out the following resources for tips and simple activities that connect to core academic subjects.

Curricular Outcomes of Little Green Thumbs by Province

These outcomes detail relevant provincial outcomes for Kindergarten to Grade 6. Please click on the province to view.

British Columbia






New Brunswick

Nova Scotia

Prince Edward Island


Northwest Territories


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Prevent and control pests in your indoor garden with a few simple recipes.


At-home or in-classroom

Track Local Weather

Grades K-8

Keep Track of Temperature In Your Backyard

Farm to Fork

Grades K-6

Brainstorm how food moves from farm to fork

Seed Sprouting Theatre

Grades K-2

Act out the process of a seed sprouting

We Eat Plant Parts

Grades K-6

Identify & classify the basic parts of a plant

Banana Rot

Grades K-7

Find out how fast a banana peel decomposes in different environments

Make Rain Gauge

Grades K-8

Make your own rain gauge and track how much rain falls

Grow a Sweet Potato

Grades K-8

Grow a sweet potato and learn about roots and shoots

Find Tree Seeds & Plant a Tree

Grades K-8

Find tree seeds and plant a tree

Fun With Carrot Sticks

Grades K-6

Have fun making geometric shapes

Build a Bottle Ecosystem

Grades K-6

Discover how ecosystems work


At-home or in-classroom

Germination Test

Grades 1-6

Learn what a seed needs to germinate as well as itsimportant role in the plant life cycle

How Does Water Move Through a Plant?

Grades K-6

Students will learn about how water moves through a plant

Can We Grow Plants Without Soil?

Grades K-6

Students will discover how to grow plants without using soil in a system called hydroponics

Plant Light Shoebox Maze Experiment

Grades K-7

An experiment to test if a plant can find its way through a box maze towards light

Forcing Spring Bulbs to Bloom

Grades K-6

This project is about growing flowering plants from bulbs


Grades K-6

In this project, you’ll explore why roots grow straight down

Plants Produce Oxygen!

Grades K-6

Students will observe the production of oxygen by a plant by submerging a leaf underwater andobserving oxygen bubbles form


Grades K-6

This project is a simple demonstration that plants release water vapour through their leaves

Kitchen Scrap Gardening

Grades K-8

Your students can grow vegetables and herbs from items you’d normally throw in your compost bucket

Light & Air are Important to Plants!

Grades K-8

What happens when you block light from a plant?

Make a Plant Collage

Grades K-7

Children will go through magazines and find items made from plants and make a collage.

Recycled Plants

Grades K-6

Create your own plants at home while using items around the house!

Discover How Capillary Action Works

Grades K-6

Students will learn about capillary action.

Why Pruning Basil Makes the Plant Bushy

Students will learn about this phenomenon by comparing two basil plants, one that is pruned and onethat is left to grow naturally


Better for classroom

You're Wearing Plants

Grades K-6

Discover that many products that we use everyday, comefrom trees or plants

Life Without Plants

Grades 2-6

Students think about everyday items made from plants and what life would be like without them!

How Did The Get in My Lunchbox?

Where does food come from Activity

Growing process Activity

Discussion questions



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