Connect Your Garden to Agriculture

Once you’ve decided what to grow, it’s time to plant! 

We love starting seeds in the classroom (and at home) using pellets – either made of compressed peat or coir. Though this method is not necessary, we find that it creates full-proof germination for student or children gardeners. 

Download our 6-step seed starting process (to the right), with directions for a seed viability test and germination tips, as well as the most common reasons for germination failure.  

Having trouble? The most common reasons for lack of seed germination are

  • Damping off disease (seedlings suddenly all-over
  • Seeds planted too deeply
  • Soil temperature too low

  • Poor seed to soil contact

  • Soil dried out

  • Seed is no longer viable

  • Soil too wet and seeds rotted

Looking for more resources for seed starting? Check out our past Learning Blog post where we share a seed starting log, directions for making newspaper seed starting pots and a salad-bration planning chart, which will help you calculate when you should plant your veggies so that you can harvest them all at once for a celebration!

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