Seed Starting

Seed Starting

Life is always a rich and steady time when you are waiting for something to happen or to hatch. “ – E.B. White, Charlotte’s Web

It is a wondrous moment when a first seedling emerges, for adults and children alike! Starting your garden plants from seed is a great way to introduce your child or students to the joys of gardening, and the cycles of food production and our environment.

Today we are celebrating PLANT, as part of our Plant, Grow, Eat, Share charter. Even though Little Green Thumbs gardens are well on their way to harvest at this time of year, many gardeners are just starting to plant their first seeds! We’ve compiled some of our favorite seed starting resources for you to explore.

1. Seed Starting Log

Don’t forget what you planted and when you planted it! Use this simple seed starting log to chart your planting dates and varieties for later use.

2. Making newspaper pots

Making your own newspaper pots are a great way to be resourceful, have fun and save some money. Make your seed starting pots using recycled newspaper and a soup can. Simply fill with soil and plant! 

3. Salad Celebration planning chart

One of the favorite activities of our Little Green Thumbs classrooms is to plan their garden for a ‘Salad-bration’ harvest. That means, planting their vegetables at the right time so that they can harvest everything at the same time. Use this Salad Celebration planner to figure out when you should plant all your vegetables, so that you can harvest them at the same time!


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