Mrs. Meyers Compassion Day Project

Mrs. Meyers Compassion Day Project!


Mrs. Meyer’s believes that just like a flower, compassion can be grown—all it takes is planting the right seeds and some steady care. Using lessons from the garden, The Compassion Project seeks to help parents grow compassion in their kids with the mission of growing a kinder world, one seed at a time.

Little Green Thumbs is thrilled to be teaming up with Mrs. Meyers in Canada to launch their Compassion Day Project! We will be sending Compassion flower seeds and a 6-week lesson guide and student activity sheets to over 80 schools across Canada. Sign-up below to receive your seeds and guide.

Learn more about the Mrs. Meyers Compassion Day Project here:

Get growing with your class!

Sign-up to receive a pack of Compassion Flower seeds, a 6-week lesson guide for the project, student activity sheets, as well as inspiration and encouragement throughout the project. 

Seeds and guide will be sent to your classroom in Late September 2021.

Check out the guide here:

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