Recycled Plants

Experiment:Recycled Plants

Grades: K – 6

Create your own plants at home while using items around the house! If you don’t have any seeds or soil, this is a perfect activity! 

Set up: 15-30 minutes

The three R’s are reduce, reuse, recycle. Talk about what each of those terms mean.


Reduce the amount you throw out by buying less.


Find a new way to use something so that you don’t have to throw it out, like using jars for containers.


Use garbage to remake new goods that can be sold again. Things that you put into your blue bin are made into new products, like tin cans, glass bottles, paper and plastics.



  • A selection of recyclables that you have around the house (egg cartons, boxes, cans, bottles, lids, plastic bags, scrap paper, bottle caps, leftover yarn etc.)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Markers  









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