Make Your Own Seed Bombs

Make Your Own Seed Bombs

You might be thinking, ‘A seed bomb! What in the world is that??’.

A seed bomb (also known as seed ball or, adorably, earth dumpling) is a set of seeds, encased in a nutrient dense ball of soil and clay. The seeds are protected from predators and grow begin to grow once they are moistened after a rain (good or watering).

Seed bombs are ancient technology.

As far back as ancient Egypt, seed bombs were used to restore farmland after the Nile’s annual spring flood. Microbiologist and agriculturist Masanobu Fukuoka revived the practice in Japan in the early 20th century. Nowadays, seed bombs are used most often to rehabilitate neglected urban land, through ‘guerilla gardening’, where seed bombs are tossed over fences to abandoned lots, median dividers, parking lots or roadside wasteland. You can also use seed bombs right in your own backyard or school yard.

Many people choose wildflower seeds, necessary for the survival of our pollinators, to pack their seed balls, but you can also use herbs or edible vegetables. Make sure none of your seeds are invasive to your area before casting your seed bomb!

Download the resource

Follow the simple directions on our Make Your Own Seed Bomb resource. Your seed bombs can be about the side of a quarter, or as big as a loonie. Simply toss your seed bomb into your desired area, watch it explode and then wait for the rain (or your hose). To maximize your seeds’ chances of sprouting roots, spring and summer are the best times to deploy your seed balls.

Looking for wildflower seeds for your seed bombs? Sign up for a free pack of wildflower seeds from Bees Matter.


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