Farmers 2050 Challenge

Farmers 2050 Challenge


The players in Farmers 2050 reached 100% of the goal for Little Green Thumbs! The top team was ‘Natural Science’, from Alberta, Canada with 932455 total points.


Check out this video to see how much was donated from Nutrien LTD to help make learning come alive in classrooms across Canada:

Have you played Farmers 2050??

You and your students can download and play for FREE on the App Store or Google Play.

In Farmers 2050, you and your students can create and manage a sustainable farm of your very own! Droughts occur, mortgage payments come due and pigs don’t just sweat their bacon. In Farmers 2050 you plant grow and harvest your crops, craft goods for sale and trade in your local economy, all while managing three pillars of sustainability – environment, economic and social.

Farmers 2050 is more than a free farm game! Events are based on real-life occur and players have to work together to meet global challenges. 

Between June 11-15, 2018 play Farmers 2050 and see how much money will be donated by Nutrien Ltd to Agriculture in the Classroom’s Little Green Thumbs program!

Gardens are growing in classrooms across Canada thanks to the dedicated support of our national Little Green Thumbs partner Nutrien Ltd. Will you be part of helping Nutrien bring learning to life for over 14500 students across Canada? Let’s Play!

Farming simulations are popular today, but the portrayal of farms in these games are often not based in reality or best practices, and they can create a lot of misconceptions (squish a pig and out pops bacon, anyone?). Farmers 2050 was created by a collaboration of industry experts and educators to teach the public what it really takes to feed the world.

Help us take the story of real agriculture to the top of the game charts!

Download and play Farmers 2050 for free TODAY on the App Store and Google Play store.

Farmers 2050 turns game-play into real-life donations to support the Sustainable Development Goals. This challenge will help:  GOAL 2: ZERO HUNGERGOAL 4: QUALITY EDUCATION

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