Dismantling and Cleaning Your LGT Garden

Dismantling and Cleaning Your LGT Garden

Congratulations on the end of another Little Green Thumbs growing season!

There are a few important steps to dismantle and clean your classroom garden before storage. You will want to clean and sterilize your self-watering containers and black garden trays and wrap your grow light to protect it from dust.

In order to prolong the usefulness of your self-watering containers, it is recommended that you carefully dismantle and clean your growing containers at the end of the growing season. Though this can be messy and time-consuming job, it is very important!

Wait until all plants and soil have dried out prior to dismantling your self-watering containers. Though you can usually re-use soil in your outdoor garden boxes, in order to prevent disease issues in the classroom environment, you should remove the soil from your growing containers at the end of every growing season. DO NOT re-use your soil for the next growing season. Some teachers have experienced the frustrating effects of soil-borne disease because they did not complete this step. Compost this soil in your outdoor compost bin.

Wash off all soil from your growing containers, as well as your black garden trays. Ensure you sterilize your equipment prior to storing it. You will want to sterilize your self-watering containers again prior to re-using them.

To sterilize your self-watering containers and garden trays, either:

1. Soak growing containers in a 10% bleach solution for 15 minutes & air dry, OR

2. Wash growing containers with a 25% bleach solution & air dry

You may also use a solution of 3 parts water, 1 part vinegar and soak for 5 minutes or use your school’s preferred disinfectant at the proper application.

Before storing your grow light, wrap your lighting unit in fabric or a garbage bag to protect from dust.

Taking the time to dismantle and clean your garden will pay off in the long-run, through preventing disease and prolonging the life of your growing equipment! 

Now, enjoy your outdoor garden!


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