Little Green Thumbs Recipe Book Launch

After  a  growing  season  with  your  students,  there  is  no  better  way  to  enjoy  the  harvest  than  to  prepare  a  meal  or  snack  together  with  your  fresh  garden  vegetables.  Many  students  have  already  heard  the  saying  ‘you  are  what  you  eat’,  and  it’s  pretty  true!  Fueling  up  on  healthy  nutritious  snacks  gives  us  the  energy,   strength  and  drive  to  complete  challenging  tasks  and  learning. 

Cooking  with  students  is  a  fantastic  way  to build  kitchen  confidence  and  positive  relationships  with  healthy  foods.  We asked our Little Green Thumbs teachers for their tried and tested garden-inspired recipes and they sent us their favorites. Check out the simple, practical dishes that  you  can  prepare  in  the  classroom  with  your  students.

What  are  you  waiting  for?  Let’s  get  cooking!

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