We’re Growing! 2016/2017 Little Green Thumbs School Report now live

The 2016/2017 school year was a success for Little Green Thumbs classrooms across the country! It’s no secret that Little Green Thumbs has a big, bold vision: a garden in every school and a school in every garden.

Because of the ongoing support of Agrium, significant milestones were reached this past year. Nationally, the Little Green Thumbs program has surpassed 700 active teachers (707), over 450 garden sites (456), directly impacted 13,0831 students. In addition to this vision of program expansion, program enrichment continues to be a focus, as Little Green Thumbs positions itself as the leader for indoor classroom gardening in Canada.

Check out our 2016/2017 School Report and discover how learning comes alive in Little Green Thumbs classrooms across the country!

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